The Dominion Advantage

Today's metal building demands a complete line of doors and windows. A program flexible enough to handle the more simple conventional building, up to the heavily specified architectural building.

Dominion is the only single source supplier of preassembled and knock down door systems specifically designed to meet a standard offering and to also go beyond by providing any special door, frame, or hardware component necessary to complete the metal building project.

We also provide a similar benefit with windows. Both thermal break or non thermal break windows can be supplied in a preassembled or knock down fashion with sizes, types, and options too numerous to mention.

To manufacturers, the door and window program specifics can be almost as important as the product itself. Elements of a program with a tremendous ultimate impact on builders have to do with: packaging, delivery systems, distribution methods, and service.

Dominion bases its business on getting as close as possible to it's customers. There are currently five service centers across the country capable of handling the needs of metal building manufacturers and their respective builders. Each company can design a unique program because of our ability to provide any door or window at the most economical price.

•  Multiple Service Centers
•  Just-In-Time Deliveries
•  Stocking Programs
•  Heavy Duty Wood Packaging
•  National Distribution
•  Sales & Service National Coverage
•  Shortest Industry Lead Times

•  Market Driven Offering
•  Complete Offering-Single Source
•  Satisfy 100% Builder Needs
•  Preassembled Doors
•  Knock Down Doors
•  Specials/Options
•  Flexible-Your Needs
•  Windows-Thermal Break
•  Windows-Non Thermal Break

Eliminate the hassles of purchasing different doors or windows from different places at different times. Dominion is the place for all of your one stop shopping needs.