Preassembled Doors


Walk doors are often a problem for builders and erectors. Damage, lost parts, quality of components, difficult hardware installation and door installation time, among others, are issues faced every day with traditional knock down door systems.

The Dominion preassembled door system solves these common problems. The preassembled door system is completely factory assembled, including all hardware and the subframe system (framed opening). As a result, the preassembled door system can typically be installed in less than thirty minutes. Everything you want is already installed on the preassembled door system down to the glass in our lite kits (see Lite Kit options). 

Dominion also strongly believes that builders need and want choices. There are options for sizes, colors, door gages, and door skin types in addition to the many hardware options. The choices are virtually unlimited.

Product Features

  • Completely Factory Assembled
  • Subframe System Framed Opening Included
  • Insulated Core
  • Galvanized Door & Frame
  • 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Full Mortise NRP Hinges
  • ADA Compliant Aluminum Threshold
  • ISO 9000 Manufacturing Quality
  • Heavy Gauge Adjustable Clips
  • Heavy Duty Wood Crate
  • Large Selection of  Hardware Options