Thermal Windows


The first metal building window system designed for extreme temperature conditions. The thermal break frame and insulated glass helps to keep interior room temperatures even regardless of outside temperature. This thermal window is self-flashing/self-framing for installation convenience, and can be coupled with a preassembled steel subframe  system for added strength, rigidity, and labor saving installation benefits.

Product Features

  • Thermal Break Aluminum Main Frame
  • 5/8" Clear Insulated Glass
  • Self Flashing/Self Framing
  • Optional Preassmbled Steel Subframe System (Universal Fins)
  • Head, Sill, & Fins Factory Applied
  • Hinged Sill Leg
  • Bronze & White Paint Finish
  • Custom Sizes & Styles
  • Windows Can Be Mulled Together for Window Banks
  • Numerous Glazing Options (Tinting/Tempering)

Choose the thermal window, if...

  • Your location is in a varying climate that may reach freezing temperatures.
  • Window location is in office area.
  • Use with a steel subframe system.
  • Need to meet certain window specifications
  • Emphasis on strength and rigidity.
  • Window location may not fall directly on 12" centers.
  • Factory Mounted Steel Subframe System

Whatever size, style or glazing option you require, Dominion thermal windows can satisfy all your office or warehouse needs. We can help you build a complete window program, from a more economical non thermal window to the value added thermal window with optional steel subframing. With quick ship capabilities from multiple service centers across the country. Only from Dominion.