Windstorm Doors

Dominion Building Products, the leading steel door and aluminum window supplier to the Metal Building Industry for two decades, has successfully tested and passed high performance products for Critical Life Windstorm Code compliance.

Windstorm codes have existed for several years but have only recently become more visible and uniformly applied throughout the country. Dade and Broward counties (FL) are probably the most notable for strict enforcement, but many authorities and regions are following suit. While much of the focus has been on or near coastal areas, some level of wind speed approvals will ultimately impact all areas and states – anywhere a metal building can be constructed. A few of the authorities already have the requirements in place include the Florida Building Code, the Southern Building Code (SBCCI), and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

While each code has some variance, each takes an aggressive direction in requiring that wall accessories such as doors and windows must be tested with the anchoring, framing, and wall system in which they will be used. The immediate implication to the metal building industry is that all doors used in metal walls must be tested in metal walls. We believe that the significance of the Windstorm codes as it relates to doors is enormous. As these codes continue to become more universally adopted and enforced, potentially all doors will be required to have been tested for compliance. On the positive side, it will help ensure that a high quality commercial grade product is used – not just any product will be able to meet these standards.

In order to ensure code compliance is “visual”, Dominion’s Windstorm products are labeled with the appropriate level of testing conformance.

Additional code adoptions and approvals will be offered as they become available.

Dominion has passed tests for three major wind speed levels including:
110 mph, 130 mph, and 150 mph wind speed test

Test protocols and codes met include, but are not limited to:

State of Florida
Florida Building Code (Test Protocols TAS 201, 202 and 203)

Product Approvals: FBC 2501 Advantage Door system

Product Approvals: FBC 2502 ULTRA Door system

Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI)
Standard Building Code SSTD 12-99

Texas Department of Insurance
TDI 1-98

ASTM E330-02
Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

ASTM E1996-02
Standard Specification for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Storm Shutters Impacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes

ASTM E1886-02
Standard Test Method for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Storm Shutters Impacted by Missiles and Exposed to Cyclic Pressure Differentials

Doors on this page have been tested under stringent requirements and specifications for Wind Speed and / or Load. Variance from the stated products, accessories, fasteners, installation, or application may cause the product to be out of compliance. Dominion is not responsible should said variances occur. In some cases a written exception or explanation of the parameters may be available. Check with your dominion representative for more information. Content on this web page is thoroughly checked for errors in text and product descriptions, however Dominion Building Products will not be held liable for grammatical mistakes or product specification anomalies. All content is subject to change without notice.